Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 11, 2021


This is one area that less experienced photographers sometimes cut corners on, either through trying to reduce expenses, or simply not fully recognizing the possibility of equipment failure and what it would mean for their ability to do the job they’ve been hired for.

Professional-quality equipment is expensive, and while one camera body and a few lenses might be sufficient for portrait work (where the consequences of equipment failure would amount to the relatively minor inconvenience of a rescheduled session), for weddings it is absolutely mandatory to have backup gear. For a wedding photographer just starting out as a part-time business on the side, it can be very tempting to try to get by without purchasing professional- level redundant cameras, lenses, and lighting gear (or maybe just having an old or inexpensive consumer-grade camera on hand as a spare, but one that would not be adequate to shoot professionally with) and they may very well be able to get away with this for a while. But sooner or later, this luck will run out, and you don’t want it to be during your event.

We carry two cameras with us throughout almost all of the wedding day, with a third fully capable professional-level camera in our bag, along with an assortment of professional quality lenses of overlapping focal lengths, and multiple pieces of lighting gear.

On most jobs we will also have a completely separate small kit consisting of an additional camera body as well as several lenses and flashes, which remains in the trunk of our car as an emergency backup of last resort in case something drastic and catastrophic happens to our primary kit.

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