Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 15, 2021


We hear this from my brides and grooms (and their friends and family) all the time, both at the conclusion of the event and in subsequent reviews. We get the job done while not being abrasive, pretentious, bossy, or rude (though we will be assertive when I absolutely have to, such as if we’re up against a tight time restriction to do the formal group shots after the ceremony). We are flexible and able to adapt when the wedding day starts to stray from the previously planned timeline (is it often does), and when other unforeseen events occur.

We love the fact that we very often hear compliments from couples and their guests as the reception is ending, along the lines of “you did such a great job, you were so wonderful to work with”. Think about that. This is before they’ve even seen a single photograph from the wedding, and they are complimenting me on how great of a job we did! We consider that to be an incredibly revealing statement. Their assumption is that the pictures will look good, but just their experience of working with us is enough to yield such a positive reaction, which is akin to someone saying how great a restaurant was before they’ve even tasted their food, simply based on the service and experience. And once our couples have seen their pictures, they often tell us that they are amazed we were able to capture all of those moments, as they hardly even remember seeing me very much during the event.

A large portion of our bookings come from referrals… family members and friends of past brides and grooms, as well as event planners and the management of venues that we’ve worked with repeatedly and who know we do a good job, are cooperative, and that we strive to help make the event go as smoothly as possible.

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