Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 9, 2021


While it’s true that the skill and experience of the photographer is a far more important factor than the gear he or she shoots with, the type of cameras and lenses used do make a significant difference in the quality of images that can be captured. Could we shoot a wedding with a consumer-grade DSLR and a few inexpensive lenses? Sure, but there would be several factors that would impose severe limits on how I worked, and would adversely affect the quality of the photographs.

The professional-level equipment we use enables us to capture high quality images in low light, can achieve that highly coveted look of a soft background that makes the subjects pop out of the image more, and focuses quickly and accurately in a fast-paced and challenging wedding environment.

Furthermore, with our current camera bodies, we am able to shoot most wedding ceremonies with zero shutter noise, allowing us to be more discrete.

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