Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 4, 2021


We are in our 16th year in business, and there isn’t much in the way of weddings that we haven’t seen or encountered during this time. Experience is crucial in this line of work. Anyone with a reasonably good sense of composition, basic knowledge of their equipment, and good ambient light to work with can create nice photographs in a relaxed environment. But weddings often do not take place in perfect light or otherwise under ideal photographic conditions, and are almost always dynamic, fast-paced events that are anything but relaxed (from the photographer’s perspective at least).

While a novice portrait photographer would have the luxury of being able to leisurely work through any technical problems or photographic challenges that come up during a session, there’s no pause button at a wedding (especially the ceremony), and it is essential to have someone who is intimately familiar with the flow of these events and is accustomed to dealing with the unexpected. Likewise, having a friend who enjoys taking pictures as a hobby and happens to own a good camera document the most meaningful day of your life is often not going to end well, and many instances of lingering hard feelings and ruined friendships have resulted from the aftermath of such arrangements.

To be able to do this job well, one must have a thorough familiarity with the widely varied aspects of wedding ceremonies and receptions, a keen sense of observation for what needs to be captured, along with the artistic vision and diverse set of technical skills needed to create beautiful images in challenging conditions. Wedding photographers must be well- versed in multiple facets of photography, including photojournalism, architectural, landscape, still life, and portraiture.

Having been in this line of work full time for over 16 years, and averaging dozens of weddings a year, we have proven ourselves to be competent and capable of handling the pre-wedding planning and organizational tasks, equipment preparation, capturing the event itself, and the post-wedding editing and album production work in an orderly, efficient, and timely manner.

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