Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 7, 2021


You should not select your photographer solely based on price. Of course, the undeniable reality is that most couples have at least some kind of budget range they need to stay in, but your photographs are one of the few elements of your big day that will have a life far beyond the event itself, so this is the one area of your budget that should be granted a certain degree of flexibility. In terms of pricing among wedding photographers in Chicago area, you’ll find that we are comfortably in the mid-range, not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive either.

Because we enjoy aspects of large and small weddings, we also make an effort to have packages that will work for a wide range of budgets. One weekend we could be shooting a 300+ guest wedding at a large church and reception venue (with an accompanying huge price tag), while the next weekend’s wedding might be a more intimate 40-60 guest wedding in a courtyard.

We can tell you with absolute certainty that you will be able to find less expensive photographers than us. But we believe (and our past clients would agree) that the quality of our work and our many years of experience are worth the price.

Remember, this is a long-term investment. When you are looking at your photographs a year or two (or twenty) from now, you will not remember this relatively small amount more that you paid for them compared to a cheaper option. But if you hire an inexpensive photographer based on price alone and receive images of poor quality, the painful sting of regret that you feel will be renewed every time you see these pictures.

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