Why Book Adams Design Studios as Your Wedding Photographer?


April 1, 2021


At least we assume this is the case, as you’ve probably already looked through our portfolio and are still here viewing our site! Though many photographers work in a documentary style these days, each will have their own subtle (or not so subtle) differences in how they capture events… lens selection, composition, lighting technique, timing, and editing all play a role. We are immensely proud of our portfolio, which we believe consists of beautiful images that purely capture the essence and emotion of those moments, in an aesthetically pleasing and artistic (yet not excessively so) manner.

As in many cases when researching a purchase, whether it be a car, a house, or a pair of shoes, as you are looking through your options, certain ones will instantly appeal to you visually more than others. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is that you like about them, but you are somehow undeniably drawn to their aesthetic. When choosing your wedding photographer, this kind of positive reaction should be near the top of your list of criteria.

By nature, we are modest and humble people, and would never go so far as to boldly and arrogantly label ourselves the best wedding photographers in Chicago, particularly given the fact that this city has so many amazingly talented photographers to choose from. But given the many complimentary remarks and reviews we continue to receive from our clients, their friends, and their families, along with our own honest assessment of the quality of our work, we are perfectly comfortable saying that we consider ourselves to be among the best, within the top list of wedding photographers in Chicago and the surrounding area.

We employ a photojournalistic, documentary style approach to the craft of wedding photography. This means that we use our skills and many years of experience behind the camera to candidly and unobtrusively capture events and emotions of your day naturally as they unfold. Our goal is to create stunningly beautiful and authentic pictures that tell a complete story and let you relive those moments every time you look through your wedding photographs.

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