Where should I have my next family session?


December 15, 2020

There are several locations to choose from! Family photographs are timeless, and if you are searching to update your current portraits or take some for the first time, I have a few places in mind:

  • Shoreline: Pack up the family and head to the beach. The beach offers beautiful lighting and plenty of space! Your kids will have a blast. 
  • Farm: The farm I have in mind is more of an organic park with a rustic feel. 
  • Forestry: Especially in the Autumn months, the fall foliage is a gorgeous backdrop!
  • At home: Take away the stress of going somewhere as a big family. Let me come to you. Stay relaxed and be in your own element.

Have any other ideas in mind? Let me know! I often look for places that aren’t overdone (if you will). Any unique places you want to go, I am down!

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