How To Relax Before A Photo Session


November 15, 2020

So you are not used to being in front of the camera, and that is entirely okay! I understand how nerve-racking having a photoshoot done can be. If you have never done one before, I have gathered up some pointers to help your first session go smoothly!

Ask questions! Alleviate any tension and nerves to figure out why this photo session is causing you to feel this way. Make a list to ask your photographer. 

Keep it simple. Whether it be an outfit, hairstyle, or makeup, do not overdo it. Being simple and sweet is how I like it! Your photographs will appear more natural and not so cheesy.

Don’t self-sabotage. Change your mindset! Instead of thinking, “I can’t do this. What am I doing?”, how about changing it to, “I am going to look great in these! This is going to be so fun.” Because it honestly is fun!

When in doubt, just chill out. Find a salon the day before to get your hair trimmed or touched up, or get a massage at a spa! Pamper yourself and pump yourself up for your big day. When you feel good about yourself, it instills self-confidence.   

When the day comes for your photography session, remember you will enjoy it, and the results will be fantastic. Share the final photos with family and friends, and I am sure they will agree how wonderful they turned out to be!

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