5 Reasons Why You Need Headshots


January 15, 2021

  1. It allows your clients or potential business partners to know you before they meet you. As stated above, a well-done headshot will convey who you are! Your expression says it all, and we will make sure your expression shows your personality. 

  2. It shows how professional you are. Having a well-done headshot conveys your intentions of doing business and makes you more approachable when it comes to potential clients, investors, etc. 

  3. Your headshot can be used for so many different things, from custom proposals to social media. We can even take multiple shots with different expressions and outfits so you can use them on various platforms!

  4. Consider it a worthwhile investment. You are investing in yourself, your branding, if you will. I promise your investment will pay for itself quickly. 

  5. Relevancy, it’s a simple as that. A professional headshot keeps you up to date! I recommend updating them often. 

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