Time Buffers For Your Wedding Timeline


December 17, 2020

So you have it all planned. Starting with the ceremony time, leading up to when the cake is cut, and when certain dances are to begin. It is crucial to set a timeline, and always give yourself grace and a few time buffers.

Sometimes, people don’t walk down the aisle when they should, or maybe you didn’t realize your bladder just couldn’t wait in your massive gown. Regardless, allow time slots of 10 minutes between certain start times. For example: Your hair appointment is going longer than expected, and you start sweating over the ceremony start time. If you allowed yourself extra time, you wouldn’t be in such a pickle. If you know a drive time from the ceremony location to the reception area is 10 minutes, just don’t automatically assume it will take 10 minutes. Pretend it takes 20 minutes. You never know how traffic will be, God-forbid a fender bender, or if you are running behind schedule.

In the end, allowing extra time in your busy schedule will relax you and give you plenty of time.

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