Spring Nature Walk 2020

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May 7, 2020

Hello Again Family!

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak I took time out of my quarantine and took a social distancing walk at Deep River County Park in Hobart In.

Because this was my first time going to this park I got a bit turned around and ended up at a different section of the park which featured alot of grasslands and a playground that had been roped off (due to the outbreak). I had originally planned to go to another section of the park which featured some rustic buildings and bridges, but i was fortunate to see some trees that were in the midst of their spring bloom on this side of the park.

I had some motivations aside from getting some fresh air that led me to the park today. I really wanted to try out my new Sigma 15mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens. I purchased it last week to enhance my creative imagery during photo sessions but more so for my wedding photography. My goal was to test out the lens on the buildings I had researched online which were located at the park. I saw the buildings on the drive in but didn’t see parking which led me to the other side of the park. I decided to drive back to see if I could find a way in and fortunately I found the entrance on the second pass. I was blown away by how beautiful the park was on such a beautiful sunny day. I was also blown away at how sharp this lens was. I had it mounted on my Canon RP and it took some incredible shoots. Im looking forward to doing some shoots here with my clients and I look forward to see what this new lens is going to produce in my next shooting adventure.

Hope you like the images that i was able to capture today and if you want to share your thoughts or comments, feel free to share them below!

Till Next Time!

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