Personal Branding Session Preparation part 1


February 19, 2021

Session Preparation Schedule

Planning Ahead

Once you start thinking about a personal branding session, it’s a good idea to start collecting ideas. Whether you prefer to cut out of magazines, start a Pinterest board, or write a list, these choices help us do the personal branding photography session of your dreams. You can look for poses, clothes, hair, props, and more to express your brand.

One Month Before

This time is the brainstorming part, so you’re going to focus on your brand. You’ll take all the things that make your brand unique and write them down. During this period, we’ll schedule your consultation appointment to discuss your brand, outfits, and more before your shoot.

One Week Before

This period is where the physical preparations start. You should have a list of all the outfits, accessories, and props you want to use during your shoot. It’s time to start moving them all into a specific area, so when your shoot comes, you’re ready to roll. We’ll also be texting or emailing to confirm the final details.

Two Days Before

Now is the time to double-check your clothes. Make sure they’ve been laundered and pressed recently per their care instructions. Place them in a garment bag to prevent wrinkles. Additionally, place your shoes in a separate container, so there’s no risk of dirt on your clothes. Accessories and props also need to be stored, so they don’t tangle.

The Night Before

At this point, you’ll need to triple-check your list of items to bring. I recommend only checking something off if it’s packed up already. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, so you look your best for the photos.

The Morning Of

If applicable, you’ll see the hair and makeup artists first. They should have supplied a rough time estimate, so make sure you stick to the schedule. Then, I’ll meet you at your chosen location, and we’ll do your branding photoshoot. It’s all smooth sailing from there.

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