Sunny afternoon, roaring seashore, and the buzz of city life – that’s what we had in store for us throughout Geralyn and Dion’s vibrant engagement session in May 2023. We hit the bustling streets of Chicago and I am so excited that we were able to use Downtown Chicago’s Lake Shore as a backdrop at […]

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Have you come up with your “photographer shot list” yet? If not, check out some tips here! Before Ceremony: Formal Poses:  (Taken before and after ceremony) During Ceremony: After Ceremony/Reception:

Wedding Day Photo Checklist

May 7, 2023


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Welcome back our blog! Today I want you to meet Shelly. Intelligent, kind & warm hearted are the words that come to mind when I think about this young lady. We had a blast capturing this session on the University’s Campus on a beautiful Chicago Afternoon in May. I loved the outfits that Shelly brought […]

Shelly’s Graduation Session

May 4, 2023


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Coordinating vs. Matching There is an old fashioned idea floating around that everyone in the picture needs to have on matching clothing. This is not true! Coordinating is far better than matching. Choose colors that look nice together, but don’t fall into the trap that you all need to be wearing the exact same blue […]

Family Session: What to Wear 2

April 28, 2023

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One of the questions I am asked most frequently by my clients is “What should we wear?” And it’s no wonder! Your photos are an investment that you have most likely spent some time and money on, and besides adorning the walls of your home and probably your Christmas card, they will be passed down […]

Family Session: What to Wear

April 26, 2023

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All headshots are not created equal. Like it or not, judgements based on facial appearance play a powerful role in how we treat others, and how we get treated. They also play a big part in if we get “that first meeting”. On social media and digital marketing, your image is everything. If you need […]

Questions about Headshots

April 21, 2023

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