Why You Should Book A Maternity Session


January 29, 2021

Nine months goes by so soon, trust me. I know from years of working with new and experienced mothers. Let me convince you why you need this session done.

  • You will want to look back on yourself carrying your blessing. Your body is so strong and accomplished a lot in a small time frame. 
  • Your child will ask to see these photographs of you pregnant with them. When you show them, watch their sweet expressions come across their faces.
  • Spoil yourself. You look wonderful. Have your hair and makeup done and feel how beautiful being pregnant really is. Your body is telling a story right now, and you should capture it. 
  • Sometimes, it is hard to remember pregnancy. Some pregnant women are sick most of the time, some are exhausted, all while the months are counting down. You will want to look back and see just how incredible you truly are.
  • I know you might be on the fence about booking a session. It might be the last thing on your mind right now with preparing for a big arrival. I get it, I really do. This is a beautiful time in your life that you will want to remember. 

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