Personal Branding FAQ


February 13, 2021

I’m really nervous. Is that normal?

Being nervous is normal for personal branding shoots, especially right before the shoot itself. In fact, I’d say it’s rarer for people not to be worried. You’ll get in the swing of the shoot after the first couple minutes, and then all anyone will see is confidence.

How do I know what looks flattering?

We’ll discuss outfits as part of your consultation before the session so that you both look good and embody your brand. Additionally, I have a bag of tricks to flatter anyone, and you don’t have to pick photos you don’t feel good about in the end.

I want to use these pictures for my business. Do I have to do something special?

Nope, your photo session includes a standard business license. You can use these photos wherever you like for your business. I just request you not resell your photos.

Can I bring more than one outfit?

Absolutely, I encourage you to plan at least three outfits. This number gives you a variety of final photos to choose from.

What types of pictures will I receive from my branding session?

You’ll receive pictures highlighting your skills, brand, and style from this photoshoot. During your ordering session, you’ll pick the photos you want from all the post-shoot edits.

Do you do outdoor sessions?

Yes, I do. We can discuss how the outdoors fits in with the personal brand you’re trying to capture.

When will I get my photos back?

Your ordering session will be about a week after your photoshoot. Any printed products can take up to six weeks to get back.

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